Introduction of talents

, primary, middle and high school sections (language, maths, English, physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history, geography), teacher
Related requirements:
1. the entrance qualifications graduate teacher-training specialty, one focused on undergraduate, public school 2-3 years experience in graduate, postgraduate and PhD preferred;
2. loving teachers work, extremely familiar with middle or high school science curriculum
3. familiar with student life and learning, at their aptitude, exploring the excavations organized a variety of teaching methods, flexible learning
4. communication skills excellent Mandarin, flexible thinking, and full of friendly, patient, responsible, moral, good communicate with students.
1. responsible for teaching, research and teaching research. and examination, grade
2. For students, to personalized teaching
3. During the teaching period of the time phased organizing test activities to test the effectiveness of student counselling
4. Usually communicate with the subject teachers for teaching and research in the group, teaching and research, focused lessons.
Second, dietitian job
Requirements of
1, work experience: more than 5 years, catering experience, industry has a certain influence priority
2, a college education, medicine, nutrition, nursing professionals, with a comprehensive system of nutrition and health
3, with nutritional dietician, passion for nutrition and health advice, have a certain amount of nutrition.
1, to carry out a variety of nutritional assessment guidance and counselling activities;
2, can carry out related training programs to help employees update their knowledge, broaden their horizons, promote the growth of talent
Third, learning consultant
Requirements of
1, excellent image quality, sound and sweet, the standard of Putonghua;
2, between the ages of 18-25;
3, relevant experience, college degree
4, the work of enthusiastic, meticulous patience;
5, have good communication and coordination skills, language skills, clear thinking, quick reaction;
6, has a strong affinity.
1, parents reception, registration and guidance work;
2, the company's telephone answering and accurate transfer, record important telephone, visitor messages and
3, course scheduling, notification class, the student registration information
4, paper, documentation, and other general administrative services;
5 to complete other tasks assigned by the matter.
Four Requirements:
Bachelor degree or above 1, 2 above related working experience, in-depth understanding of this teaching, educational administration.
2, there is a good team player, always passionate and active, serious practical work; ability to work under pressure, self-motivated.
3, good communication skills, work conscientiously careful study and thoughtful questions.
4, the use of familiar Office Forms, computer-savvy.
5, standard Mandarin, with good communication skills and a very friendly, excellent image quality.
1, is responsible for signing students daily feedback for learning management and supervision of work. Responsibilities: daily communication with students, parents, follow-up visit; class hours statistics learn Chinese
Material maintenance. Objective: to ensure student learning according to schedule, provide good service, guarantee improved learning achievement.
2, responsible for the student's daily schedule, data collection, statistics, student file management and editing of student achievement, and so on.
3, handle customer complaints, tracking of complaints handling.
4, on the survey of teaching quality and student satisfaction.
5, to understand the students ' ideas and resolved in a timely manner. Help the student during the learning period a smooth, efficient, pleasant finish
Five, counselor, 2
Related requirements:
1. psychology, pedagogy, psychology Bachelor degree and above
2. National counselors professional skills accreditation
3. have more than 5 years experience in adolescent counseling, child counseling
4. the image is good, considerate, good at communication, strong listening and affinity of
5. able to work independently, with strong sense of responsibility, can follow the principles of professional ethics and vocational counseling
Six Related requirements:
1, good with people, articulate, clear expression, elegant
2, professional education or psychology, or an actual teaching experience
3, strong communication and negotiation skills;
4, graduated from teachers ' College, a single subject such as math, English language professional
5, can work under pressure, with the pioneering spirit and determination
6 has a dedicated service, strong heart, the courage to challenge high-performance
7, meet one of the following is preferred:
Middle and high school supplementary books editing experience;
Educational industry and experience in handling disputes;
Junior and senior high school teachers experience;
Seven, marketing:
1, major in marketing or related, junior college degree or above;
2, the work has a profound knowledge of marketing. strong market awareness, keen grasp of market trends, market capacity
3, have good media partnership, be familiar with Internet-based marketing;
4, familiar with the educational market and user features, familiar with the education industry marketing;
5, hardworking, proactive, strong sense of responsibility;
6, a high degree of enthusiasm and good team work spirit;
7, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, negotiation skills, team building, organizational development capacity
Eight, the reserve cadre
Reserve cadres are talent management sector of the reserve, a series of training and exercise, eventually becoming middle and senior management levels. Enterprises to seek development in the fierce market competition, there must be a core management and talented people, in addition to external enterprises pay more attention to the cultivation of managerial talent, creating waves will lead the enterprise battle. To this end, companies generally will go through strict prudent recruitment procedures, selected the most promising talent and rigorous training, full reserve cadres of all abilities and skills needed to become a professional manager.