About Us

Fuzhou new sail tutoring services limited's use of advanced Internet technologies, has a strict teacher certification system and improve the student match tracking service, is designed to the maximum advantage of the Internet as an information platform, integrating high quality tutoring resources in colleges and universities and formation of a standardized, networked, professional quality home brands, e-commerce.

Fuzhou new sail tutoring services limited compared with the traditional family mediation are very different. It tutor, tutor network, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Fuzhou part-time tutoring, one-on-one tutoring in Fuzhou, Fuzhou scientists teach English tutor, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, math tutor, Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Fuzhou Chinese tutor elementary school tutor middle school tutor, tutor high school in Fuzhou of advanced e-business based on Internet models, offer tutorials both choice and Exchange. Registered on its website are free to publish your resume, queries, family information, book online tutoring work. Student lets users publish information according to their own requirements independent searching and selecting the right teacher. While site for faculty and student information auto-matching. Maximum saving everyone's time and effort in, and completely change the traditional family services mode.

sunshine family education network for teachers online, under strict scrutiny, registration management system certification. With our honesty, sincerity, integrity and make students feel at ease, rest assured, happy. Management Center experts and professors of all certified instructors have gone through strict screening, most are able to significantly improve student achievement of excellent teachers in the near future. Sunshine Home network computer real time management of students, teaching quality of regular follow-up visit in order to maximize the students ' academic performance and overall quality to achieve high return on investment for parents of young children to education.

Fuzhou, Fujian province sailed new tutoring services limited is the approval and registration of the company, principally engaged in the education information services, development of educational software and services  , and in the field of computer technology development, technology transfer, technical consultancy, technical services. Hongru company has strong financial technology and market strength. Well-known businesses, educational institutions and universities at home and abroad to cooperate fully formed numerous strategic alliances. At present, the company is headquartered in Fujian. Facing the new form of tutoring, decision-makers take precautions, to be held in   major cities set up a service centre. Adhering to the stability and development, realistic and innovative spirit, "hongru" will enable users to enjoy the latest it development while continuing to reap the benefits, and to promote the development of China's information industry, promoting the rapid development of knowledge economy to make their best contribution!